The most beautiful thing you may ever see.

A Baby born deaf, get an implant and hears his mothers voice for the first time.

It’s ok if you cry watching this video, it is wonderful. Modern technology used for the best purpose.

Pomplamoose – Another Day

Pomplamoose is at it again!

This time with Another Day

No Posts? Wazzup?

Hi all, I just wanted to drop you all a note about why so few posts. I’m sure your thinking that I must be finding interesting stuff so I’m just dissing you…

lol No not really but I am quite busy. I wish it was all paying work but alas mostly it is personal hobbies and interests.

I am actually working on 2 other blogs right now. They are not public yet but should be available in the next couple weeks. I am finding both these projects to be very exciting.

I guess I will post a little video I found yesterday…

Cat’s Meow, a short tale

I came across this a few days ago and went and looked at it again today. Don’t want to lose it so I will post it here!

Created by a guy named Banewulfe over at Youtube as an art project.


Makes me LOL every time!

Yellow or Red & Blue?

Super Chicken

A big bold Saturday morning cartoon salute to…

Super Chicken

One of my top cartoons, still a Fav!

Theme Song

Help Me….. Someone save my day

Another great Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Song

Mighty Mouse Theme

Mighty Mouse

And from the very first Saturday Night Live is Andy Kaufman performing Mighty Mouse

Must See Video PIXELS

PIXELS, Have you seen it? it’s pretty cool, very imaginative and for us old timers quite nostalgic.  It features all our old heroes and villains for those 8-bit games from the past.

Really it is a must see if you have ever played any of those destructive video games that are killing the minds of our youths with destruction and mayhem and slaughter.
Oh wait I like video games,  you did not read that last sentence /waving hand like a jedi or something.

Really it is a must see video or did I say that already?

OK Here it is

Can you name all the games represented?

Cut the sugar and lose weight

Doug Varrieur discovered the key to weight loss and dropped 100 pounds in 8 months, has kept it off for 8 years.

Please watch this Video to help you understand.

Did you learn some of what items have or convert to sugar? Amazing huh?

I will be buying the book soon, I need to re-learn how to eat.

Building a space station, Internationally

I am sure we all remember the early days of the International Space Station…

Zarya was the first module sent to space, designed by NASA built by Russia.. Remember hearing about Zarya?

The First American built section was Unity. Remember hearing about Unity?

I thought so, do you remember hearing about these sections, What about Kibo or PIRs?

Me either…

Someone has put together an excellent annotated video showing the progress of building the Space Station. I find it really cool and super informative, you should check it out!

Check it out HERE

Image of build Video

How to kill a Chocolate Bunny?

How do you kill a Chocolate Bunny?

Which was your Favorite Method?

Have a new suggestion?

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