Are you a Tummeler?

Are you a Tummeler?
Do you know what a Tummeler is?

For the last few weeks there has been an excellent show on the TWiT network called Tummelvision. You can get a lot of information at the web site. The Show Hosts, Heather Gold, Deb Schultz and Kevin Marks have some really interesting discussion on human behavior and more importantly human interactions.

Their guests so far have been very interesting and each have hi-lighted different aspects to our behaviors. Interesting to note is that by watching the show you can gain familiarity with different aspects of our psyche which should lead to greater acceptance of our fellow man.

I personally feel that as a race (the human race) living separated by our cultures, beliefs, and bigoted attitudes we are doomed to continue in the failed communities we have today. Hate and violence abound in our communities, through learning and understanding we can do better. Tummelers of the world, bring it on and bring us together!

You can get the podcasts from the site, They are also available via along with all the other TWiT network podcasts.