iNcredible iNventions iNcomplete iFail

So I came across an interesting pre-new iPad competitor.

i’M sure iT will iFail

Silly marketing take the device to a trade show and can’t even get the logo correct. I would have probably taped a business card over the upside down logo.

It’s called it iWonder, it really makes you wonder what were they thinking?

iWonder what they were thinking?

The iWonderful marketing team #Fail

It is running the Android OS,  engadget reports that the screen is crappy but that the company is looking for better suppliers. There are other issues like Auto-rotation is not functional but they seem to be software issues and should be solved by release.

For the full Engadget report feel free to visit the engadget article

Check out this video of engadgets hands-on review at MWC