Crazy Funny Dancing Baby

Here’s a baby that has a very funny dance.

From Funny or Die,  Baby doing the skanky dance

Chat Roulette

Have you played with Chat Roulette. or simply

Anyways it’s kind of a speed dating version of  video chat. You , your webcam, a roll of the dice and your connected to a total stranger for a video chat session. Once you ignore the pervs there are quite a few people playing funny games.

Perusing around lately I came across this funny Chatroulette video.

Puppetmaster ?


What do you think of chat roulette?

To Be MAD or Not to Be

I choose NOT!
Don’t hate!

MAD Magazine Exposed!

from 1983

Awesome Tunez

I came across this video, pretty cool techno beat using only sounds from Windows.

Perley Moore Buys a Truck

This is from America’s Test Kitchen.

There was a farmer, Perley Moore, who had recently bought a truck and found that the “basic price” was only the beginning. Once the salesman had added on all the extras — towing package, toolbox, fifth-wheel attachment, etc. — the price was quite a bit higher.

Well, by a strange turn of fate, that same salesman stopped by Perley’s farm one day to buy a cow. The dealer examined the herd, picked out a likely specimen, and asked about the price.

“That’s a hundred-dollar cow,” Moore replied directly.

“That’s fair enough,” said the salesman. “I’ll take her.”

“Well, now, that’s the basic price,” Moore added, getting out pencil and paper. “There are one or two extras, of course.” He made a few notes and handed the paper to the dealer. Here is the final invoice:

Basic cow: $100
Two-tone exterior: $45
Storage compartment and dispensing device: $60
Four spigots @ $10 each: $40 Genuine cowhide upholstery: $75
Dual horns @ $7.50 each: $15 Automatic fly-swatter: $35
Total: $370

From as received from James Smith.


I just came across this video, sorry if you have seen it before but it was new to me and deserves an award!

Very funny and great twist ending!

Looking for answers

Have you been looking for answers in your life?

Tired of the same old thing?

Looking for something new?

Well it’s ain’t gonna happen and Here’s why, Enjoy!

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything


One of the nicknames I had growing up was Pillsbury Doughboy.

An Interesting image that caught my eyes..

Superbowl ads

two of my favorites form this year Superbowl ads.

#2 Favorite Old Spice Horse

And My #1 Favorite

A Joke

A Woman asks:      When my guy asks me to go make him a sandwich, what’s a good come back? He is always so sassy I want to get him back.

Best Answer voted my viewers:       You better come back with a sandwich!