Pomplamoose – Another Day

Pomplamoose is at it again!

This time with Another Day

No Posts? Wazzup?

Hi all, I just wanted to drop you all a note about why so few posts. I’m sure your thinking that I must be finding interesting stuff so I’m just dissing you…

lol No not really but I am quite busy. I wish it was all paying work but alas mostly it is personal hobbies and interests.

I am actually working on 2 other blogs right now. They are not public yet but should be available in the next couple weeks. I am finding both these projects to be very exciting.

I guess I will post a little video I found yesterday…

Yellow or Red & Blue?

Super Chicken

A big bold Saturday morning cartoon salute to…

Super Chicken

One of my top cartoons, still a Fav!

Theme Song

Help Me….. Someone save my day

Another great Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Song

Mighty Mouse Theme

Mighty Mouse

And from the very first Saturday Night Live is Andy Kaufman performing Mighty Mouse

Take over the World?

What are we going to do today?
Why, the same thing we do every Saturday…

Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Songs…

And well, if you didn’t guess already this week it’s time for
Pinky and the Brain Theme Song

Pinky and the Brain

Questing for fun!

This Saturday Morning Cartoon was one of my favs!

From Jonny Quest – Theme song

A little sugar baby

Put a little sugar on this Saturday Morning Cartoon –

The Archies Theme Song And you can’t talk about the Archies without a little Sugar Sugar

The Archies

Twisted Beyond Repair

Well continuing the Twisted Tuesday theme I wanted to link to
Chubby Checkers version of Twist and Shout, truly twisted is
that it’s not on grooveshark.
Oh but there is the Mamas and the Papas Twist and Shout

And some group named ApologetiX with Twins Came Out

Would you believe Bon Jovi ? Twist and Shout

The Isley Brothers and finally Little Richard

And finally we wrap up this Twisted Tuesday with The Beatles Twist & Shout

One Banana, Two Banana

Saturday Morning Cartoon Themes continues with

The Tra, la la, One Banana, Two Banana

Bananas in Pajamas

Lady Gaga is so bad…

How bad is she?  ………

She is so bad that Pomplamoose can do a better video for a fraction of the costs.

Pomplamoose cover of Lady Gaga Telephone

Check out the Pomplamoose YouTube page

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