Are you eating plastic?

Do you check your plastic and Styrofoam containers before you toss them into the Microwave? No? Me either but I am sure starting now.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your plastic containers, how do they get pitted and rough surfaces. I came across an article talking about how a microwave can force plastic particles into your food.  ouch!

Check out this post from the Harvard Medical School where they report on some studies of using plastic in a microwave oven.

I am changing to microwave safe glass for all my microwave duties.

HFCS Update 1

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HFCS Update #1

I have been looking around and it’s very hard to try to extract the science from the marketing speak in most of the HFCS reports.
It seems that whenever the report is supported from a large company (whom uses HFCS in their products) they seem to agree that all sugars can cause obesity. They all have a real hard time saying that there are differences between sucrose and fructose. Notice how they say “all sugars”, they refuse to say that HFCS is any different than other sugars.

When you find the reports not supported by industry, they always talk about the differences in the way different sugars are processed in our bodies.  Many of these reports talk about the absorption of sugars and the various chemicals that our bodies create when consuming these sugars. I am starting to learn the various processes and what is still unknown is how these various chemicals interact with the other chemicals and the effects on our bodies.

In Example:  We all know that it makes us feel good to eat chocolate, do you know why?

You feel better because of 4 major chemicals that are created while your body is processing the chocolate..
Theobromine: A mild stimulant similar to caffeine, a mood enhancer.
Serotonin: A naturally present chemical in the brain that can cause elevated moods.
Phenethylamine: Thought to be an aphrodisiac (though unproven).
Tryptophan: Combines with the  Serotonin and helps one relax.

So by processing these chemicals we end up Happy and Relaxed, and who doesn’t like being Happy and Relaxed?

So back the the HFCS info, a few questions you may have, and I welcome more questions anytime!

Are all sugars bad?
Specifically all sugars can be bad if they are overused. Try to use less sugars on a daily basis. Remember your body needs some sugars but if your eating fruit as part of a daily healthy diet you probably do not need to add any sugars to your meals or beverages.

If all sugars are bad, are they equally bad?
No, processed sugars are harder for your body to break down and will have the tendancy to become stored as fat rather than used for energy. The best sugars are found in Fresh Fruit, followed by the raw sugar from sugar cane, then brown sugars. White sugars have actually been bleached white and should be avoided if possible (hard not to use some on cold cereal huh).

Which sugars are best to avoid?
Highly processed sugars are the worst, specifically conversions that contain both sucrose and fructose (i.e. HFCS). Keep an eye out for a post covering this subject. I need more research to really get to the bottom of it.

Are sugar substitutes ok?
I can only say NO, do not consume substitute foods. Which leads me to the last segment for this entry.

Eat what you enjoy!
Being healthy is not about how much you weigh, it’s all about how you feel. Remember your grandma used to tell you that you are what you eat (my grandma was a dietitian). If you eat junky food you will feel junky. If you eat a healthy diet you will feel better and have more energy to go out and do things. Eat what you enjoy, everything in moderation! Stop Dieting! Dieting has proved that it does not work! Eat good home cooked foods made from scratch. You will enjoy it more! If your overweight just try to eat slower so you will eat less. Stop eating when your no longer hungry, eat again when you become hungry. It really is ok to snack all day if the snacks are healthy (fruits and veggies) and your meals are balanced proteins/starches/sugars.

I am not just sprouting bullshit here, I have lived on both sides of the fence. Yes, I am overweight but I am very healthy (knock on wood) because I eat properly whenever possible. Yes I cheat every once in a while but I am trying to stop gaining weight as I get older. 🙂

My next goals will be to perhaps start loosing weight. 😦

A nice story in laymans terms from the Mayo Clinic: High-fructose corn syrup: What are the concerns?

Searching around there are many stories about how HFCS is not bad, if you approach these stories as possible marketing propaganda (always read everything in the web in that manner) you can find the truth buried in the marketing speak. As an ex-marketing professional I know all about marketing speak.

High Fructose Hell

Another prestigious report just in from Princeton University.

High Fructose Corn Syrup [HFCS] will make you fat!

A few months ago I remember reading about how HFCS creates a chemical in your brain that makes you think your hungry and makes you eat more. The scientists at Princeton have also found out that 2 groups of rats consuming the same total caloric intake per day with some having access to HFCS while others have access to plain table sugar, The HFCS rats became obese 100% of the time.  100% of the time! Please let me say it again, 100% of the time. Are you paying attention?

One Hundred Percent = HFCS will make you fat! it’s Science fact not Science fiction.

It's Science not Fiction

So you think having a soda with your dinner is ok?
Almost all American sodas and yes even most diet sodas contain HFCS.

Go ahead and read the original article from the Princeton University website.

Join me in reducing your consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Help to spread the word to the soda manufacturers to go back to natural sugar and keep your Dentist employed!