MagicJack, where is the magic? reports on a law suit instigated by MagicJack against

For those of you that are not familiar with the MagicJack device, it is a USB dongle that connects your standard landline telephone to the computer allowing you to make VOIP calls for very cheep. OK actually very cheep is a misnomer because MagicJack only charges a yearly fee for unlimited calls. reported some time ago about a few problems with the Magicjack EULA. The problem seems to be that the execs at MagicJack state that they can examine the numbers you call and that you do not have the right to sue them. These items are stated in the EULA (End Users Licensing Agreement)

The biggest issue seems to be that there are no links to the EULA from the website. No EULA shown to you when the SW installs or when you buy the device. SO, as a user you are expected to know and understand the EULA but MagicJack never gives you the ability to read it.

So, MagicJack CEO sued boingboing stating that the company was subjected to “Hate, ridicule and obloquy (ridicule)”

Thankfully the court system is smart enough to realize these things are wrong and boingboing was right, magicjack lost the suit and had to pay $54k in fees and assessments.

The original story at Engadget

The original story at Boing Boing

Wall-Mart Movies, Comcast Death?

Well as most of you know, Wall-Mart is the largest reseller of DVD and Blue ray movies. They also are the largest retailer with Redbox stations in each store.  This really makes them the Leader in new-movie distribution.

According to the New York Times, Wall-Mart has purchased the vudu service. Vudu is a hardware solution for live streaming media over the internet. Vudu is already in many HD ready TV’s and has a thriving Pay Per View service and the largest HD movie availability with over 2000 HD titles available.

This does make Mall-Mart the worlds largest supplier of not only physical new to own media and Rental Media but now also Streaming HD Media? What’s next?

I wonder if this is going to give Netflix or Amazon streaming movies any worries. Netflix has a massive DVD subscription rental service with many movies available for live streaming through your Personal Computer and other devices like the ROKU box.

If we add these services along with the streaming media available from sites like Hulu and ABC, NBC, CBS, and the other networks, what do we get?

The end of Cable and Satellite Television? I think so, bye bye Comcast Direct TV and the others, your history if you do not change your market placement ASAP!

Seems to me like it is time for fully subsidized TV entertainment. All commercial based and streamed from the internet. They could easily offer free televisions and free streaming content by keeping everything advertising based. Imagine heading out to Wall-Mart to pick up your new free 42 inch LCD HD TV take it home and plug it into the wall for power, plug it in or connect wirelessly to your network and watch what you want when you want!

I think it’s time for my favorite show from when I was a kid, maybe the episode where Timmy gets saved 😉

The story from the New York times website

iNcredible iNventions iNcomplete iFail

So I came across an interesting pre-new iPad competitor.

i’M sure iT will iFail

Silly marketing take the device to a trade show and can’t even get the logo correct. I would have probably taped a business card over the upside down logo.

It’s called it iWonder, it really makes you wonder what were they thinking?

iWonder what they were thinking?

The iWonderful marketing team #Fail

It is running the Android OS,  engadget reports that the screen is crappy but that the company is looking for better suppliers. There are other issues like Auto-rotation is not functional but they seem to be software issues and should be solved by release.

For the full Engadget report feel free to visit the engadget article

Check out this video of engadgets hands-on review at MWC

The Killer Web App

So I am browsing around yesterday, wishing I was working instead but that’s another story. I click on Twitter and BAM it happens, a twiter that floored me.

I was introduced to a new website Don’t go yet… 😉

So this website is run by Coleen Kelly (Tech VP (Tech goddess for nerds)
Anyways, she has info on a little application from Mozilla called Prism. It lets you turn a Web app into a local application. You may ask why but I am going to send you to her blog entry with all the gory details.

Note: One of the comments there mention that Chrome will do this also “Create application shortcut” but I like the idea of it being OS based and not tied to a specific browser instance.