Pomplamoose – Another Day

Pomplamoose is at it again!

This time with Another Day

Cat’s Meow, a short tale

I came across this a few days ago and went and looked at it again today. Don’t want to lose it so I will post it here!

Created by a guy named Banewulfe over at Youtube as an art project.


Makes me LOL every time!

Lady Gaga is so bad…

How bad is she?  ………

She is so bad that Pomplamoose can do a better video for a fraction of the costs.

Pomplamoose cover of Lady Gaga Telephone

Check out the Pomplamoose YouTube page

This is funny as Hell

Jeff Dunham Bloopers

I am amazed at how good he is..

made me  – Laugh Out Loud

Chat Roulette

Have you played with Chat Roulette. http://www.chatroulette.com or simply chatrt.com.

Anyways it’s kind of a speed dating version of  video chat. You , your webcam, a roll of the dice and your connected to a total stranger for a video chat session. Once you ignore the pervs there are quite a few people playing funny games.

Perusing around FunnyorDie.com lately I came across this funny Chatroulette video.

Puppetmaster ?


What do you think of chat roulette?

Optical Illusions

Here are two optical illusions I came across some time ago. I posted them on Myspace last year and am bringing them here for archiving.

There are not scare videos, feel free to view the ending before you watch the whole thing.

On this first video you will see a black and white photo appear to be color.

Stare at the dot in the center of the screen, lean in close so it takes your entire field of vision, very cool effect!  See it Here

Same effect with a different image, See it Here

Video Friday

Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s been a crazy day!

I could not think of a better Video Friday than the just released Alice in Wonderland Trailer.
I believe this will be this years “Don’t Miss” movie.

Tim Burton directing Johnny Depp, should be Awesome!

Pink Panther

One of my favorite cartoons growing up and still is The Pink Panther. I have always loved the music.

Bobby McFerrin does it right!

Bobby McFerrin

This is truly awe inspiring and if you know me then you know thats something really special.

Do Not Miss this one!

Bobby McFerrin and audience perform Ave Maria.

Power of Music

Here we have Bobby McFerrin from the  2009 World Science Festival
The human brain is amazing, I bet it works for you also 😉

Power of the Pentatonic Scale

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