Yellow or Red & Blue?

Super Chicken

A big bold Saturday morning cartoon salute to…

Super Chicken

One of my top cartoons, still a Fav!

Theme Song

Help Me….. Someone save my day

Another great Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Song

Mighty Mouse Theme

Mighty Mouse

And from the very first Saturday Night Live is Andy Kaufman performing Mighty Mouse

Take over the World?

What are we going to do today?
Why, the same thing we do every Saturday…

Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Songs…

And well, if you didn’t guess already this week it’s time for
Pinky and the Brain Theme Song

Pinky and the Brain

Questing for fun!

This Saturday Morning Cartoon was one of my favs!

From Jonny Quest – Theme song

A little sugar baby

Put a little sugar on this Saturday Morning Cartoon –

The Archies Theme Song And you can’t talk about the Archies without a little Sugar Sugar

The Archies

One Banana, Two Banana

Saturday Morning Cartoon Themes continues with

The Tra, la la, One Banana, Two Banana

Bananas in Pajamas