Awesome short, My Name is Lisa.

My Name is Lisa by Shelton Films

If you have not seen this awesome short, you must view it. Very captivating short about a young girl dealing with her mothers illness.  After watching this one please to visit the sheltonfilms channel at youtube and view the 3 other shorts also.

EN-V Envy?

Here we go with General Motors latest romp into the electric vehicle. The EN-V -pronounced as Envy, is based on an ultra-lightweight design. With a top speed of 24mph it could be the perfect inner city commuter.

We even have the technology to make it truly autonomous but would you allow a car to drive you around town?

With a foot print of 5×5 it’s small enough to park in your hallway or a small shed. = Easy to store in your Apartment.

Since it’s electric I can see the feasibility of actually having access inside buildings for parking. = Faster to destination.

Since it is very light weight a simple parking elevator could be designed. = Cheaper parking charges

General Motors is working with Segway Inc. to make this Two-Seated, Two-Wheeled, Zero-Emission vehicle a reality. Based on the Segway Puma (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) the research has been going on for a long time.

There is a really good read over at The Huffington Post and the GM website press release has some info and if you search  GM.COM you can find more. There are a bunch of Images over at the GM site but some are awfully silly looking some look pretty cool.

If I lived in the city I think something like this would be very useful but then I really like small cars.

3D Printing with Moon Dust?

Well it’s finally here…

What? you may ask…

A printer that can print a mountain, or a building made of stone, your choice!

The inventor claims he wants to build a building out of moon dust?

Check it out Here!

Crazy Funny Dancing Baby

Here’s a baby that has a very funny dance.

From Funny or Die,  Baby doing the skanky dance

Think you need some lovin?

One of my new favs.. Pompalamoose with If you think you need some lovin.

Another childhood hero RIP

Fess Parker died today…

Fess Parker was the actor who portrayed Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone for Disney back when I was a kid (60’s). I totally remember watching and really wishing I could be Daniel Boone and travel through the forests and wearing that coon hat!

I will never forget you Mr Parker! RIP  Daniel Boone Theme Song

Fess Parker as Daniel Boone

Wikipedia Article

Lady Gaga is so bad…

How bad is she?  ………

She is so bad that Pomplamoose can do a better video for a fraction of the costs.

Pomplamoose cover of Lady Gaga Telephone

Check out the Pomplamoose YouTube page

This is funny as Hell

Jeff Dunham Bloopers

I am amazed at how good he is..

made me  – Laugh Out Loud

Chat Roulette

Have you played with Chat Roulette. or simply

Anyways it’s kind of a speed dating version of  video chat. You , your webcam, a roll of the dice and your connected to a total stranger for a video chat session. Once you ignore the pervs there are quite a few people playing funny games.

Perusing around lately I came across this funny Chatroulette video.

Puppetmaster ?


What do you think of chat roulette?

Great Observatories’ Unique Views of the Milky Way – NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

Great Observatories’ Unique Views of the Milky Way – NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

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