The most beautiful thing you may ever see.

A Baby born deaf, get an implant and hears his mothers voice for the first time.

It’s ok if you cry watching this video, it is wonderful. Modern technology used for the best purpose.

No Posts? Wazzup?

Hi all, I just wanted to drop you all a note about why so few posts. I’m sure your thinking that I must be finding interesting stuff so I’m just dissing you…

lol No not really but I am quite busy. I wish it was all paying work but alas mostly it is personal hobbies and interests.

I am actually working on 2 other blogs right now. They are not public yet but should be available in the next couple weeks. I am finding both these projects to be very exciting.

I guess I will post a little video I found yesterday…

Interesting, the Migration of Man

Based on the information gathered from the Out if Africa series. I found it to be very interesting.

Tweeted out by @donttrythis (Adam Savage)

Check out the migration of humankind from Africa!

Amazing things are afoot

Today is Day 1

It’s totally personal but I may talk about it soon.

Remember Bartles and James?

Thank you for your support!

Edit, this was supposed to post yesterday May 1st 2010

Cat’s Meow, a short tale

I came across this a few days ago and went and looked at it again today. Don’t want to lose it so I will post it here!

Created by a guy named Banewulfe over at Youtube as an art project.


Makes me LOL every time!

Tribbles, reproductive machines

For all you Star Trek fans..

The Anatomy of a Tribble

The Anatomy of a Tribble

You can buy your very own Earth Approved Tribble Here.  Sorry due to Intergalactic import law T4256c-2 they do not re-produce and some eat batteries, some are non-mobile and do not require feeding.

Check out the latest hits from Warp 11

Vintage photo of our first contact with the Tribbles…

OMG it’s the a BORG Tribble

HELP, I need all the help I can get

Hello Everyone,

I could use some help, I want to record a video for my business Monterey Bay Handyman

Basically the video will be to go on YouTube to be shown on my my website and then perhaps I will use it for some cable TV advertising. My biggest issue is I don’t have a clue what would make a good commercial for a Handyman Business? I would like to create a 2 minute version and some 30 second spots.

I can record, edit and produce the videos I just need some creative person to help with the screenplay or even just the copy.

If your interested let me know by replying here or sending me an email to  “commercial [at] montereybayhandyman [dot] com” and we can discuss the details and ideas.

All I can offer at this point is thanks and credits!

Here comes some Thanks in advance!

Must See Video PIXELS

PIXELS, Have you seen it? it’s pretty cool, very imaginative and for us old timers quite nostalgic.  It features all our old heroes and villains for those 8-bit games from the past.

Really it is a must see if you have ever played any of those destructive video games that are killing the minds of our youths with destruction and mayhem and slaughter.
Oh wait I like video games,  you did not read that last sentence /waving hand like a jedi or something.

Really it is a must see video or did I say that already?

OK Here it is

Can you name all the games represented?

How to kill a Chocolate Bunny?

How do you kill a Chocolate Bunny?

Which was your Favorite Method?

Have a new suggestion?

Talk about bad, DDO unlimited = unplayable

Ok, so today I am taking a look at my Nile Online account. I have been playing daily for over a year so far so I am always on the lookout for something new. Up pops an add saying Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) can be played for free.

I played DDO quite a few years ago for a few weeks with my friends from TSO, SWG & WOW I think it was $9.95 a month but the content just was not there and after a few weeks we had seen everything. Granted it was when it first started but we all moved on to SWG for a year or so, then to WOW.

Anyways back to today’s story…

So I’m thinking I will install it and take a look..

I goto this page, and try to download. It downloaded about 1.4MB (1468KB) and stopped, didn’t matter if I tried the large 4GB file or the smaller 3GB file. So regretfully I must install the Turbine download manager. STRIKE = 1

Just what I need is another application that wants to run in the background all the time. I hate download managers, I would much rather have downloaded the 4GB file and be done with it.

Use Next and Browse? Where are They?

The first page of the installer is mis-typed..

Note now the text says to use the Next or Browse?

I do not see a Next or Browse

Do you see a Next or Browse?

I didn’t think so. FOULBALL BALL = 1

So I clicked the next best thing, Install

Well the turbine downloaded was slow as hell so I took the extra step to forward the port on the router to this machine. I did appreciate having the port information right there telling you to look in the options. BALL = 2

So I decided to head over to the forums and let the mods know of the file issues. As I get to the forums I noticed that there is a totally separate area for the free players. This in no good because then it makes everything harder due to having to look in various areas. #FAIL

So I navigate to the Free Player Forums, Then to the Account and Technical Assistance sub forum, here I see a link to Report a Bug When I click this link I get an error message…

error message when logged in

So while logged into a free account I can not post bug reports? that’s stupid #STRIKE = 2

Interesting thing to note: If I am not logged into the forums I can not only get to the page to report a bug but I can submit the bug report. #KING OF FAIL

Well the installer has gone through about 10 steps downloading various downloads and is finally working on the bulk of the program. Guess it’s time to go hit the tutorials and see if it is worth the time I have already spent.