Earthquake? Bigone? Disaster?

You tell me, are we headed to the Big One? Yes you have hard about it that massive Earthquake that takes out [Southern] California.

We have seen it in the movies! How many times have we seen Los Angeles destroyed by a natural disaster or earthquakes? too many to bother linking to…

We have predicted that the big one is coming (Interesting map and prediction base from May 2008) The map…

Wait a min….  Do you see what I see?

Take a look at the location of the current string of quakes in So.Cal / Baja CA.

USGS site current data for this area

The map from today’s USGS Data April 12 2010

Now do you see it? I guess since these two images are so dissimilar I will superimpose one on the other for you

I would say it’s either the beginning of the big one or perhaps it was the big one and we lucked out that it was 100’s of small ones instead.

I will leave that for history to decide.