Changing of the blog

Hello to all of you reading this.  If your not reading this, please ignore the previous sentence.

I heard a great line last week, A celeb was talking about blogging or rather why she is not blogging as much as she used to. Her reply, “I realized I didn’t have anything interesting to say” and “I will just post when there is something interesting”

I realized I was feeling this same way and decided to stop blogging just for the sake of blogging. So from here out my blog will only be about things that interest me and not just a song of the day link or silly video. Thank you for letting me figure this out and not telling me how silly it has been 😉

I will however still post a song or video now and then when I think they are especially interesting (like anything by Pompalamoose. I have linked to a couple of their videos and I really suggest you check out all of their videos.

I am still playing around with video editing so you may see more of my original stuff coming soon.