EN-V Envy?

Here we go with General Motors latest romp into the electric vehicle. The EN-V -pronounced as Envy, is based on an ultra-lightweight design. With a top speed of 24mph it could be the perfect inner city commuter.

We even have the technology to make it truly autonomous but would you allow a car to drive you around town?

With a foot print of 5×5 it’s small enough to park in your hallway or a small shed. = Easy to store in your Apartment.

Since it’s electric I can see the feasibility of actually having access inside buildings for parking. = Faster to destination.

Since it is very light weight a simple parking elevator could be designed. = Cheaper parking charges

General Motors is working with Segway Inc. to make this Two-Seated, Two-Wheeled, Zero-Emission vehicle a reality. Based on the Segway Puma (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) the research has been going on for a long time.

There is a really good read over at The Huffington Post and the GM website press release has some info and if you search  GM.COM you can find more. There are a bunch of Images over at the GM site but some are awfully silly looking some look pretty cool.

If I lived in the city I think something like this would be very useful but then I really like small cars.

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