OMG Synergy FTW

So any of you geeks still using a keyboard mouse switch? If you don’t need to switch the monitor there is a great program out there Synergy. Synergy is a virtual mouse and keyboard switcher program that does not require a key press.

If you have 2 monitors (or more) you can set it up simply to switch your current mouse just by gesturing over to the second screen (second computer) just as if it was a second monitor on your single machine.

It also has a shared clipboard so you can actually copy some text from one computer, mouse over to the second computer and paste the text.

If you have multiple monitors on your desk hooked up to multiple monitors, you need Synergy.

You simply set up the machine with the physical connection to the mouse and keyboard you want to use as “Server” then configure the other machines as clients. You can set it up by Machine name, aliases and/or IP#’s.

Oh the best part… Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and more!

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