“Gonna Torch the Earth” @thatkevinsmith

Wow, everyone in the know, knows 😉

For the rest of us…

Kevin Smith (Director/Actor “Silent Bob” http://www.viewaskew.com/ @thatkevinsmith )was ejected from a Southwest Air @SouthwestAir flight for being Fat. He Twittered to his 1.6m followers and started a storm. Checkout the @twitter.com links if you want to see the madness first hand.

Here is the SWA response http://www.swamedia.com/

Here is Kevin Smiths Response http://www.smodcast.com/smods/smodcast106.html

Interesting to note is both sides of the story seem reasonable. I suspect that something is missing in the middle.


One of the nicknames I had growing up was Pillsbury Doughboy.

An Interesting image that caught my eyes..


What the world needs now…

I have to say it’s love, there is way too much hate.

This all stems from Sarah Silverman’s getting ragged on at #TED.

So while you listen to today’s song

Come back and read this… http://tcrn.ch/d9cPvt