Leo Laporte builds a Supercomputer

Flashback to 1998

It’s Saturday, The weekend rocks!

In celebration of this weekend – Sunshine  and meeting with my two favorite gals at the dog park.


The Killer Web App

So I am browsing around yesterday, wishing I was working instead but that’s another story. I click on Twitter and BAM it happens, a twiter that floored me.

I was introduced to a new website http://thev01d.com/ Don’t go yet… 😉

So this website is run by Coleen Kelly (Tech VP Twit.tv) (Tech goddess for nerds)
Anyways, she has info on a little application from Mozilla called Prism. It lets you turn a Web app into a local application. You may ask why but I am going to send you to her blog entry with all the gory details.


Note: One of the comments there mention that Chrome will do this also “Create application shortcut” but I like the idea of it being OS based and not tied to a specific browser instance.