Power of Music

Here we have Bobby McFerrin from the  2009 World Science Festival
The human brain is amazing, I bet it works for you also 😉

Power of the Pentatonic Scale

To Be MAD or Not to Be

I choose NOT!
Don’t hate!

MAD Magazine Exposed!

from 1983

Something out of the ordinary

Well out of my ordinary anyways.

Stone Temple Pilots Naked Sunday

Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots

The Great Marina Dunes Tsunami 2010

After the quake this morning there have been tsunami watches all through the Pacific ocean. Thankfully so far there have been no damages from the Tsunami waves anywhere.

I was there and caught it live.

The Great Marina Dunes Tsunami of 2010.

The beach parking lot was closed…

The local residents were called at home and told to get to high ground..

Many walked out to the edge of the parking lot anyways…

I hooked up Mocah and turned on the Spycam to capture the leading waves of the tsunami as they hit ground. It was not exciting at all.

Awesome Tunez

I came across this video, pretty cool techno beat using only sounds from Windows.

Flying yet

Well I would rather be flying today, we have scattered clouds and they are all puffy like cotton balls and I bet would look great from above.

Michael Buble  Come Fly with me

This guy is amazing..

Perley Moore Buys a Truck

This is from America’s Test Kitchen.

There was a farmer, Perley Moore, who had recently bought a truck and found that the “basic price” was only the beginning. Once the salesman had added on all the extras — towing package, toolbox, fifth-wheel attachment, etc. — the price was quite a bit higher.

Well, by a strange turn of fate, that same salesman stopped by Perley’s farm one day to buy a cow. The dealer examined the herd, picked out a likely specimen, and asked about the price.

“That’s a hundred-dollar cow,” Moore replied directly.

“That’s fair enough,” said the salesman. “I’ll take her.”

“Well, now, that’s the basic price,” Moore added, getting out pencil and paper. “There are one or two extras, of course.” He made a few notes and handed the paper to the dealer. Here is the final invoice:

Basic cow: $100
Two-tone exterior: $45
Storage compartment and dispensing device: $60
Four spigots @ $10 each: $40 Genuine cowhide upholstery: $75
Dual horns @ $7.50 each: $15 Automatic fly-swatter: $35
Total: $370

From GCFL.net as received from James Smith.